The History of Public Art in Littleton

Three large white abstract sculptures in a park

In 1964, the Littleton City Council established the Littleton Fine Arts Board to advise the city in developing a fine arts collection, and to assist the city in the selection and purchase of public arts for installation in public buildings, parks, and open spaces. It also arranged periodic art shows, selected art and sculpture for the Littleton Center and reviewed all art donations to the city.

The first logical step for the newly-formed committee was to contact the internationally-famous sculptor Edgar Britton, whose studio was located right on Main Street. Mr. Britton’s proposal was accepted, and the Fine Arts Board had its first piece of artwork for its collection, titled "Solar III."

Over time, the Fine Arts Board has acquired works of art for permanent installation, as well as a large collection of rotating artworks for exhibit in City of Littleton facilities.  

Public art can take many forms. Here’s the full catalog of art in public places around the City: Public Art in Littleton