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Littleton Museum - 2023 Surveys

American Alliance of Museums' Annual Museum-Goer Survey

What makes the Littleton Museum meaningful to this community? How can the offerings be improved? Your insights will be used to help the Littleton Museum meet the needs of Littleton. This survey takes respondents an average of 9 minutes to complete.

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2023 American Alliance of Museums' Survey

Littleton Museum - 2022 Surveys 

Permanent Exhibit Survey (Still Open)

At the Littleton Museum, we care deeply about making the history, art, and culture that we share with our community and our visitors meaningful. We need your help. Our visitors come to us with different needs and values, and we want to understand them so we can best serve you.

The Littleton Museum is exploring possibilities for renovating our permanent exhibition that tells the history of Littleton and the surrounding area and we would like the community’s input to help guide us in our decision making. We are committed to serving our community in the most engaging and inclusive way, and any thoughts you are willing to share will help us define a vision for this exciting renovation project. 

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Spanish survey

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts!

Participation in this survey is voluntary and no questions are required. All responses to this survey will be kept confidential. Your response will not be used for any future solicitation.