Exhibitor Information

blurry photo of man on bench looking at artwork

The Littleton Museum is a welcoming and unique community-based cultural facility that provides an immersive experience in history, living history, and art. The Museum strives to be accessible and inclusive, and to engage, inspire, and educate the public through a variety of interactive experiences.

The Littleton Museum is committed to the following in regards to their exhibitions:

  • Hosting a variety of exhibitions annually that represent and serve a broad range of history, art, audiences, and cultures.
  • Presenting the public a broad spectrum of art forms and traditions for their experience.
  • Providing inclusive perspectives of history in relation to the region.
  • Stimulating life-long wonderment and curiosity through relevant, creative, and interactive educational programs and exhibitions.
  • Inspiring stewardship for the well-being of historical and cultural resources.
  • Sharing information and ideas with honesty and respect for diverse viewpoints to encourage a more informed and responsible citizenry.
  • Fostering trust, responsiveness, and a spirit of cooperation between the Museum and its community.
  • Promoting institutional integrity, high professional standards, and fiscal responsibility through collaborative teamwork.

For a full list of the Museum’s exhibit guidelines, installation, framing and matting standards, please reference the Littleton Museum Exhibition Installation, Matting & Framing Standards(PDF, 106KB). For additional questions, or to inquire about submitting an exhibition proposal, please contact the Curator of Exhibits at exhibits@littletongov.org.