Littleton Fine Arts Board

Bronze sculpture of man and boy leading three horses

The Fine Arts Board provides arts programs for the city through the review and selection of art works and exhibitions at public locations and public facilities throughout Littleton and serves as stewards of the Littleton art portfolio. They serve as the city’s representatives in art-related projects with other public and private agencies to encourage the use of the arts in response to community needs. The Board promotes cultural arts within the city to enhance quality of life and recommend acquisition and disposition of city-owned art within city policies. The Board consists of 7 members, appointed by City Council. Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

In 1964, the Littleton City Council established the Littleton Fine Arts Board to advise the city in developing a fine arts collection, and to assist the city in the selection and purchase of public arts for installation in public buildings, parks, and open spaces. It also arranges periodic art shows, selects art and sculpture for the Littleton Center and reviews all art donations to the city.

The first logical step for the newly-formed committee was to contact the internationally-famous sculptor Edgar Britton, whose studio was located right on Main Street. Mr. Britton’s proposal was accepted, and the Fine Arts Board had its first piece of artwork for its collection, titled "Solar III". The sculpture is located in Gallup Gardens. In the years since this first acquisition was installed, the Fine Arts Board has collected over 200 works.

The Fine Arts Collection consists of artwork acquired for the City of Littleton's public art collection, or art portfolio. The collection includes permanent installations in City-owned public parks and buildings, as well as a large collection of rotating artworks which are only available for exhibition in City-owned buildings, such as the Littleton Center, Bemis Public Library, Littleton Court House, and the Littleton Museum. Artworks in the Rotating Collection are exhibited for short terms in order to avoid light damage, pest infestation, vandalism, etc., as well as to freshen up public spaces on occasion. When on display, the Rotating Collection artworks are located indoors and may not be accessible during evening or weekend hours. For more information about the Fine Arts Board collection of public art, acquisition, or maintenance, call 303-795-3954, or email

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